Traditionally, metal decor was reserved for industrial styles and rustic-themed homes. Today, however, custom artwork has become a highly-demanded item and is changing the way that people decorate their homes. Given the right fixture or piece of art, metal can fit into almost any style of design. Whether you’re looking for something stylish and funky or just something functional, here are a few ways to make metal the highlight of your home.

Vintage Styles

Get your hands on some vintage metal lockers. You can find these for sale all over the place, or even have them custom-made for your home. They would look great for storage in the mudroom or laundry room, or even as a piece in your child’s bedroom (or your own). They’re functional and fabulously popular right now, in all different kinds of rooms and spaces.

Custom Work

Have a custom metal table or kitchen island counter fabricated. Metalwork can do just about anything, but a basic table design should be a walk in the park. You can find pre-fabricated pieces, of course, but investing in custom design will give you a unique piece and it doesn’t cost much more than buying something at a store.

Choose Metal Accents

Metalwork accents never go wrong. There is a type of metal art that goes with just about every style out there, from eclectic to modern, and even for luxurious, high-end designs. You can get inspiration from different pieces that you find on sites like Pinterest, or buy pre-made pieces that will help improve your home decor.

Many people don’t even think of metal fabrication for their home decor and interior designs. Some might consider adding metal artwork or pieces that have been pre-fabricated, but even then that’s usually limited to people with the farmhouse, rustic style or those who prefer an industrial look. Use these tips to make metalwork the new star of your home design.