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Shearing & Sawing

Create Perfection to Custom Specifications with Our Shearing and Sawing Service

At the heart of metal fabrication is the ability to create custom metal products. SAMS Fabrications is your leading choice for all sheet metal cutting services. Our team is highly proficient at creating perfection in any project regardless of size. Our facility features a range of machinery to create cuts of any size and length with speed and efficiency.

Cost Effective Sheet Metal Cutting to Any Size

Do you need precision when it comes to your sheet metal? Enjoy clean, consistent sheet metal cutting at SAMS Fabrications. Perfect for straight lines cut into any sheet metal product, this cost effective process is designed for maximum efficiency and quality. Our facility also features corner notch equipment for higher flexibility and customization in any project.

Versatile and Practical Metalwork with Saw Cutting

Metal cutting is ideal for sheet metal requiring straight lines, but your project often requires higher versatility. The metal cutting facility at SAMS Fabrications offers the option of saw cutting which is perfect for thicker materials. This process also allows us to cut hollow products such as tubes, beams and bars for a more practical result. Let us create perfection for any cutting required for your custom products.

Receive a Free Estimate for Metal Cutting Service Today

SAMS Fabrications offers the most practical and versatile metal cutting services for projects delivered at your unique specifications. Our sheet metal cutting and saw cutting services are designed to save you time while offering the most cost effective way to bring your project to success. We offer a free estimate on all of our services, so call us today at 01603 405040 to get yours.

NC Guillotine – SimeronNC Guillotine – Simeron

Shearing is a quicker and more cost effective method than laser cutting when it comes to straight cuts. There are no time consuming set ups or programming required.

  • 3 meter x 6mm Capacity
  • Fully automated programmable back stop.
  • Hydraulic material clamping

Corner Notcher – FIMCorner Notcher – FIM

Extremely efficient machine used to notch out corners from parts and sheets to allow for bending. No programming is required resulting in minimal set up times.

Automatic Band Saw

Automatic Band Saw

  • 300mm Max Diameter
  • Hydraulic speed controlled fal

Saws – VariousSaws - Various

  • Circular Saws
  • Chop Saws

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