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Nothing beats the strength and durability of welding fabrication. Enjoy a higher standard of quality with the welding services offered by SAMS Fabrication. We have the power and ability to create products to meet any specification thanks to our extensive range of welding equipment. When you have a project that requires the highest precision and care, you can count on our team to provide reliable and consistent results every time.

Our services include:

Spot Welding

This time tested welding process is perfect for joining metal sheets with speed and efficiency.

Stick Welding

This cost efficient process is a popular choice given the wide number of materials suitable for welding. Highly versatile and extremely fast, enjoy a durable weld that lasts.

CD Stud Welding

This efficient technique quickly attaches studs and fasteners to metal to allow for the strongest and most reliable joins that you can count on.

Metal Inert Gas Welding

The state of the art welding facility at SAMS Fabrications offers you the option of metal inert gas welding services for smoother, cleaner welds on any type of metal.

Tungsten Inert Gas Welding

When your highest priority is detail, nothing beats tungsten inert gas welding. Our skilled welders produce the cleanest, most beautiful joins easily.

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Welding is one of the most common services we provide at SAMS Fabrications. Benefit from our extensive experience in the industry when it comes to creating perfect joins at a cost effective price. To find out more about our welding services, or to get your free estimate, call the team at SAMS Fabrications today at 01603 405040.


Our welding capabilities Include:

TIG Welding – Tungsten Inert GasTIG Welding – Tungsten Inert Gas

  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminium
  • Mild Steel
  • Brass
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MIG Welding – Metal Inert GasMIG Welding – Metal Inert Gas

  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminium
  • Mild Steel


  • Silver Soldering
  • Soft Solderin

Spot WeldingSpot Welding

A resistance welding technique used to join overlapping metal sheets which can be up to 3 mm thick. Two electrodes simultaneously clamp the metal sheets together and pass a current through the materials. This fuses them together.

CD Stud WeldingCD Stud Welding

This is a Capacitor Discharge process. It is used to attach studs and fasteners to sheet metal components

MMA – Manual Metal Arc / Stick WeldingMMA – Manual Metal Arc / Stick Welding

  • Mild / Carbon Steel
  • Castings

Material UsedMaterial Used:

  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminium
  • Carbon / Mild Steel
  • Copper
  • Brass

Welding Equipment ListWelding Equipment List

  • ESAB Caddy 2200i AC/DC
  • ESAB 415v MIG ( Aluminium, Stainless, Mild Steel )
  • Migatronic MTE 220 AC/DC – TIG
  • Migatronic MTE 440 AC/DC – TIG
  • Migatronic MTE 440 Dialog Pulse AC/DC – TIG
  • Migatronic LTE 140 DC – TIG
  • Lincoln Invertec 130 – TIG
  • Migatronic Automig 180 MX – MIG
  • Migatronic 325 - MIG
  • Butters AMT 251C – MIG
  • Oxy-acetylene – Brazing & Soldering

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