What we do

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Splash Backs, Control Panels Fascias, Electrical Enclosures, Brackets, Trims, etc..

General Fabrication

Frame works, Tables, Stands, Shelters, Canopies, Gates, Railings, Grills, etc..

Laser Cutting

Capacity 4m x 2m, Mild Steel - 20mm, Stainless Steel - 15mm, Aluminium – 8mm

Bespoke Fabrication

Various CNC Machining, Milling, Drilling, Grinding, Capabilities.


Solid Works 2010 (CAD), Auto CAD 2012 (CAD) – Dxf, Dwg, Radan (CAM) – Dxf, Dwg


Dull Polish & Mirror Polish, Bead Blasting, Powder Coating

welcome to Sams Fabrications

Established since 1988

If you can draw it, we can make it!

A progressive and forward thinking metal fabrication company with more than 25 years experience and wealth of knowledge across many sectors. Specialising in the fabrication of stainless steel, mild steel, aluminium, copper and brass. Ranging from prototypes and bespoke one offs, through
to very large volume production.

SAMS Fabrications Ltd is a family run organisation based in Norwich, Norfolk and proudly provides a service to customers from many industries,
both locally and nationwide.

We Provide Bespoke Metal Fabrication Services

At SAMS Fabrications Ltd, we provide you with a bespoke service tailored completely to your requirements. We assist you with our specialist knowledge throughout the entire manufacturing process.

We can assess the possibilities of your designs and from the assessment we can consider the best methods of metal fabrication.

We will ensure that the manufacturing process of your product will result in the completed product meeting its specific purposes and being of a quality that’s second to none. Furthermore, we will meet the volume requirements and batch deadlines without fail whilst still ensuring that you receive the most efficient and cost friendly service available.

Not only do we have all the equipment to ensure that we can provide you with the highest quality sheet metal fabrication service but all our staff are experts in the field.

Obviously when you bring your metal fabrication job to us, you want to know that you will be getting a specialist service, quality and cost-efficiency. Our staff are experts in all types of metal fabrication methods and having worked with all types of clients from a huge range of fields they will be able to assist you in the manufacture of your product.

We very much enjoy the challenge and satisfaction of turning a customer’s idea into a quality bespoke metalwork product.

Machinery capability and our Success

In the early days most work was for one off sheet metal work projects and manufactured using basic manual sheet metal fabrication equipment such as a treadle guillotine, fly presses, pillar drills and welding equipment. To this day SAMS Fabrications still utilise this machinery as well as the latest CNC. The conventional manual machinery is a lot more diverse when it comes to one offs with quick set up times and versatility enabling for special tooling to be cost effectively manufactured in house to suit job requirements.

Following the success and continued growth of our company; providing quality cost effective metal fabrication with our experience and ”out of the box thinking” gave us the chance to invest in more productive sheet metal manufacturing equipment. This includes our CNC punch press the LVD Shape 35 with a 15 station turret supported by the latest Radan offline computer software.

Punch profiling sheet metal is potentially a faster and cheaper method than laser cutting, depending on part complexity and batch size. Simpler profiles and larger volumes are ideally suited to punching. An additional benefit is that punching machines can generate simple formed features such as dimples, louvres, logo indentations and knock-outs, thus avoiding the need for additional operations. Our CNC punching machine is capable of punching materials in thicknesses up to 5mm. The materials punch profiled include stainless steel, mild steel, aluminium, brass and copper Using Radan computer-assisted part nesting allows maximum material utilisation.

We also offer laser cutting that provides a fast, flexible and economical means of precision sheet metal cutting and plate profiling.

Laser cutting offers extensive flexibility, handling profiles from the simplest of components to the most complex. Laser cutting is suitable for both pre-production prototypes and production batches. Laser cutting is the most attractive and economical means of profiling sheet metal components with minimum material waste with no clamping strip and part nesting using the latest Radan software allowing maximum material utilisation.

To complement our punching and profiling facilities we have in house CNC folding facilities. The Edwards Pearson 4 meter x 100T capacity CNC press. With the CNC programmed bending cycles stored on the machines computer and up to 6 axis CNC back gauge systems, this machine is both accurate and reliable when it comes to repeat batch work. This machine is hydraulically powered allowing us to have a precise control over the angle of any bend you need for your design. The Edwards press brake has extended capabilities such as Dutch folding and Hydraulic crowing. The machine also has pneumatic tool clamping allowing for quick tool changes.

Our Clients