If you’re looking for something that’s efficient, fast and quality-oriented, you’re not alone. Many manufacturers require precision when dealing with all types of metal, especially those that are going to be used in structural buildings and precision-based parts. This is a specialised service that usually uses laser profiling to ensure that everything is made correctly. Many times, CNC technology is used, as well as production control software and CAD or CAM options.

Laser profiling is a unique option for metal manufacturing because it gives high quality and efficiently made pieces quickly. It can be used for hollow tubing and sheet metals, making it a versatile method of cutting metal to consider.

Lead Times

Many times, you have a particular lead time and must get the job done during that timeframe. Without such, you wouldn’t stay on your goal and get the project finished. However, when machining is involved, lead times can be longer and problems can arise which make it take longer to complete. Using lasers will ensure that the lead times are reduced and will allow you to finish on time and budget.


Typically, metalwork requires precision and clean edges. Sometimes, you cannot get that quality with other tools, but laser profiling ensures that you can get the best edge quality possible for your project.

More Accuracy

Accuracy is a necessity when making anything. Whether you’re making parts for a machine or fabricating the metal framework for an apparatus, it must be accurate and perfected. You may also need to make multiple parts or multiple structures of the same size and quality. Laser profiling gives you a higher degree of accuracy than other cutting method, ensuring that your parts are ready to be put together.

No Distortion

Many times, components can be distorted when their cut or shaped. The problem occurs during the cutting phase because the measurements are just a hair off, or the machine isn’t suited to the task. However, lasers provide more accuracy and better edges, meaning you’ll find fewer distortions in the component piece.

Fewer Secondary Operations

Many times, when you’re finished with the cutting, you have to drill or deburr to get the piece ready. However, lasers can reduce the number of other tools and operations that are needed to get the piece ready to go.

Many Materials

Many material options can be used with laser profiling, including mild steel, aluminium, and stainless steel.