These days, many workplaces ban smoking altogether. If you are caught smoking within the office, the administration may levy a hefty fine on you. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t smoke at all during work hours. In fact, many companies have a policy where you can take a five minute break, go out of doors, smoke and then come back and resume your work. However, rather than allowing employees to loiter on the roof, balcony or outside of the building, why not install smoking shelters?

A smoking shelter is basically a small shelter under which employees can stand and smoke. There’s also a small ashtray attached to the shelter which prevents ash from falling on the ground and making a mess. There are several different types of shelters that can be installed near modern buildings. A four-sided shelter offers greater space and can accommodate more people; they can just lean against the pillars in order to smoke outside. Creating a designated smoking area on the premises is a vital step to maintaining discipline. It can also promote productivity in the workplace because employees would want to return quickly so that their absence isn’t missed for longer time periods.

Installing a Smoking Shelter

If you are interested in installing smoking shelters on your premises, we at Sam’s Fabrication can help you out. We have the required experience, skill and expertise for creating a wide variety of metallic structures that can be used on commercial premises. Our services are used by many companies in the city, and we guarantee that you will be pleased with the shelter once it has been installed on the property.

Our main aim is to ensure that our customers are fully satisfied with the services that we offer. That is why you will find an extensive variety of different types of smoking shelters on our website. If you want a custom designed shelter that you found off the Web, we can also fabricate it for you and install it on your commercial premises.

Why Us?

Sam’s Fabrication is a tried and tested name in the business industry. We have built a solid reputation by offering top of the line fabrication services since 1988. Today, many of the leading companies in the city rely on our services whenever they want to make additions to their commercial premises.

It gives us great pride to let potential customers know about the many satisfied clients that we have worked with in the past. We guarantee that you will be satisfied if you have us build your shelter. We will handle all aspects of the transportation and installation of the shelter on the property so that you don’t have anything to worry about!