Think of spaces that you admire. Do you find yourself gravitating toward structures and rooms that have lots of history, or are you most comfortable in places that are shiny and new? Whatever your answer, chances are that high-quality metalwork helped make that space what it is, and it can improve yours, too. It’s All About Craft Somewhere between science and art lies craft. That’s what we do. SAMS Fabrications has been in the business of creating custom products for our customers for more than 25 years, and we’ve learned that every customer needs something different. Our job is to listen to what that is and provide the best quality product available. It’s true that metalwork is often associated with industrial manufacturing. Companies need machine guards, packaging and labeling equipment, and casings. We are proud to offer all of those services to companies that need them, but we can do much more. Novelty Meets Utility There are so many items that are perfect for your home, business, or lawn that you cannot find in stores. You may have an excellent idea for a light fixture or conversation piece, but you need to translate that concept from your imagination into the real world. We can help. Metalworking gives you the creativity you want along with the precision and utility that come with manufacturing. The right metal and the right design can give any space a new, fresh look. can give you an idea of just how wide the possibilities are, so don’t be afraid to dream big. We will tailor your items to your exact requirements. If you’ve been thinking that a custom-made piece would look great in your space, now is the time to act. You can and some ideas to try for a distinctive design. We would love to hear from you!