Metal is an integral part of our daily lives. From the gold and silver on our jewelry, to the stainless steel that composes cutlery and cookware. If you are looking for quality metalwork, here are a few things that you should keep in mind.

General Guidelines:

Before you start, you should have a general idea of what type of metalwork you want to accomplish. Are you looking to replace a part or create a piece of jewelry for a loved one? Having an idea of what you need, will help you choose the type of metal, and metalwork, that you will wish to use.

Once you know what type of project you need to accomplish, you want a metalwork company that can help you accomplish your goal. As with any company, you want to inquire about a prospective company’s experienced, quality of work and customer service. Most modern companies have websites that will list specifically the type of metalwork that a give company can accomplish. Also, you won’t want to commission a project and have to wait too long for the results, so getting idea of the turnaround time on your specific endeavor is also a good idea.

SAM’s Fabrications Will Take Care of You:

Sam’s Fabrications offers a variety of services including metalwork, bespoke fabrication, and sheet metal fabrication. We also fabricate metal for things like railings, tables and gates. We employ the latest technology including lasers for cutting our metal and CNC technology for folding metal. This helps us ensure that you get the highest quality metalwork that is precise, functional and intricate. We have a great reputation, and have worked with a variety major companies and manufacturers including Kettle chips, ADT and Aviva.

We are a forward thinking company and are very much willing to cater to individuals as well as major corporations. “If you can draw it, we can make it” is our moto so whether your goal is mass production or a single prototype, we will be happy to make that goal a reality.

Visit us online at, for a complete list of services that we offer as well as to view samples of our work, and testimonials from happy, satisfied customers. We also offer free estimates so call us today at 01603 405040 for an estimate of how much your metalwork project will cost as well as how long it may take to manufacture the item or items that you require. All of our sales representatives can provide you with expert support and advice. We are eager to hear about your next metalwork project.