When it comes to metalwork, there are a lot of different processes that a metal fabrication manufacturer will use in order to complete the metal cutting process. When someone orders metal, they generally specify a particular shape, size, material, as well as the processes that they use to fabricate the metal. Metal can be difficult to cut so there are many different measures and devices that can be used to cut metal. Small sections of the metal will first have to be removed, to make holes for bolts and screws.

Hacksaws, chisels, and shears, can be used to cut metal but there are a number of other processes and devices that are used. This will depend on how large the project is.

  • Turning: Turning is a process that involves the use of a sharp point of a specific type of cutting tool that is then applied to the surface of the metal and spun fast so that the top layer of the metal is metal to create a specific size.
  • Drilling: Drilling is a different process that requires a drill bit that is applied into the metal that is used with a combination of rotation and force which cuts through the metal. A hole is then formed into the required size needed for the project.
  • Grinding: Grinding takes place when a grinding machine uses its abrasive wheel that turns while in touch with the metal so that the surface that is run down.
  • Burning and Welding: Burning and welding technologies work because heat is applied to the very surface of the metal which brings it to the proper temperature that it needs to be to soften and break along a line.
  • Laser: One of the most common ways to cut metal is through laser cutting technology. A laser beam of light is shrunken down into a fine point so it is able to cut out very specific and complex shapes within the metal. More often than not, the laser will be controlled by a computer with the pattern already programmed into it.
  • Flame: Another device is works much like laser cutting is called flame cutting. The gas flame reaches a temperature as high as 3,500 degrees and it is used to create a melting point to use for cutting.

Metalwork requires a great deal of precision and hard work. Many manufacturers use a combination of these different processes. So make sure to ask the company you hire before you get started.