Structural engineering is a huge industry, with people around the world depending on the expertise, experience and knowledge of professional metal engineering workers on a regular basis. In order to create a useable product that the customer is happy with, metal engineering services must be carefully selected for the project that is set to commence. Aside from having a dedication to quality and a broad understanding about how to use steel in various industries, the best metal engineers out there will be experienced at reshaping metals (such as steel) with various techniques. From cutting and assembling to bending and flame torching, the following jobs will be carried out with specialist tools and machinery.

General Fabrication

Metal engineering companies that offer general fabrication services will be flexible and capable of tackling various projects. This is a good sign, because it means that they have been trained in all aspects of metal engineering. General fabrication usually involves the cutting, bending and pressing of stainless steel, cast iron, aluminium and various other metals. General jobs can be used to produce simple things, like steel benches, as well as complex products, like hospital equipment.

Laser Cutting

Technology has advanced a lot over the years and when a metal engineering expert uses lasers to cut through pieces of metal, this will be referred to as laser cutting. A higher level of quality and precision can be achieved with the use of lasers, due to the fact a laser can cut more accurately than traditional cutting equipment. Good edge quality can be achieved when laser cutting is used to make complex detailing on tubes, plates, sheets and box sections.

Sheet Metal Fabrication

A sheet metal worker will possess knowledge on sheet metal fabrication, which focuses on the use of relevant technologies and techniques. Spinning, grooving, embossing, bending, flow forming, seaming, welding, CNC punching and strengthening processes should be offered by the best metal engineering service. Make sure that the fabricators you hire for the job are able to use automatic machinery for this, which is essential for the creation of a flaw-free product.

Bespoke Fabrication

Each customer who gets in contact with a metal engineering service will want something different, whether it is help modifying scaffolding systems or creating storage racks. Your needs will be taken into account for bespoke fabrication services, like tube bending, laser punching, powder coating, metal forming and the fabrication of ferrous and non-ferrous materials.