How many uses are there for stainless fabrication? Stainless steel is a common metal in many homes today. It is versatile, able to withstand heavy use, and provides a long and reliable life too.

Our kitchens alone provide many scenarios where this type of steel comes in useful. We have highlighted three of the most popular ones below.

Stainless Steel Cookware

For many cooks, the only form of cookware they will consider is that made from stainless steel. Easy to use, simple to clean, and benefiting from a smart appearance, stainless steel cookware comes in many guises. Saucepans, baking trays, and even frying pans can be made from this type of steel.

Kitchen Sinks

Everything but the kitchen sink? Not so – stainless steel kitchen sinks are very popular in households across the world. Stainless fabrication methods enable the metal to be bent and curved into a sink shape, with either one or two bowls and sometimes a half bowl in the middle. A draining area can also be included in the one-piece design.

Assorted Kitchen Appliances

If you have a microwave, it may have an outer casing made from this steel. The same applies to ovens, cooker hoods, fridge freezers, and even washing machines and dishwashers. Many people like the appearance of stainless steel, which provides a modern and easy-to-clean material that will last for a long time. It does not discolour either – something that cannot be said of appliances encased in white plastic.

Stainless fabrication is used to produce items for many industries. We may never see how such items are used in those industries. However, we can see this reliable and hardworking form of steel is hard at work in thousands of kitchens across the country today. It will likely continue to be so for many decades to come as well.