Tailor Made Roof Flashing for a Watertight Home

Flashing performs an essential function on roofs, porches and windows by diverting water away from the interior of your home. Providing a watertight seal, flashing is widely used in properties of all ages. Although the traditional flashing metal was lead, due to its malleability, contemporary flashing can be fabricated from a wide range of materials, including zinc metal, plastic and rubber.

Fabricated Flashing

Our company has decades of experience in creating customized flashing that's suitable for almost any building. Using advanced machinery and cutting-edge techniques, we're able to undertake everything from laser cutting through to milling, grinding, cutting, punching, welding, shearing, sawing, shaping and anything else that's needed to create the custom flashing you're looking for. The breadth of our services enables us to take on complex projects that require multiple processes, quickly, efficiently and at a very competitive price. If you want high-grade flashing that fits perfectly, we're here to help.

Customized Roof Flashing is the Perfect Solution

We can shape your flashing to suit any dimensions or contours, so if you've got a tricky dormer window, roof that accommodates multiple chimneys or other challenging flashing project, we're happy to help. Particularly if you don't want to use lead (many people are concerned about lead leaching into the environment, as it's toxic), we can fabricate a number of other metals into the flashings you need for a watertight home.

We Provide Flashing and a Number of Other Products

Over the years we have fabricated a large selection of different items – if our customers request it, we will make every effort to provide it! In the past, our imaginative design team has made everything from brackets to gates, tables, canopies, stands, shelters and many more innovative items. To find out more about our services, discuss your project with us or benefit from a FREE estimate, call us now at 01603 405040.

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