Folding & Forming

SAMS Fabrications is fully equipped with Folding & Forming Facilities.


CNC 6 Axis Brake Press – Edwards Pearson PR4

CNC Folding is utilised when a part has more than one fold or a complex arrangement of folds

  • 4 meter x 100 ton Capacity
  • Fully Automated back stops.
  • Hydraulic quick change tool clamping
  • Hydraulic crowning bending compensation
  • CNC 3D CAD Programmable Controller


Manual Brake Press – LVD Hudson

Extremely versatile machine allowing us to fabricate tooling in-house to suit awkward jobs extremely cost effectively.

  • 3000 x 100T
  • Multi V Die
  • Extensive Tooling Library


Manual Hand Folders – Edwards

  • 900mm Max length


Deep Throat Fly Press – Sweeny & Blocksidge No.6

  • Vast quantity of tooling and formers
  • Ideal for straightening, forming and punching


Tube Bending & Section Rolling

  • Hilmor Manual Tube Bender
  • Hydraulic Tube Former
  • Sahinler Tube & Section Roller

We are capable of forming and rolling a vast range of hollow sections and solid bars. Tooling can be manufactured in-house cost effectively to suit job requirements.


Powered Sheet Rolling – Edwards

  • 1200mm max length
  • 75mm Diameter Rollers
  • Max sheet material thickness depends on length


Manual Sheet Rollers - Edwards

  • 500mm Max length
  • 40 Diameter Rollers
  • Max sheet material thickness depends on length


Powered Swager / Jenny – Edwards


Heat Bending / Forming

Heat can be applied to soften materials to prevent fracturing when forming, and enable tight complex bends. We are able to manufacture formers and jigs, specific to job requirements.

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